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DzineElements is a newly established venture, where the founders count on more than 25 years of experience in working in this segment of the US market, and have targeted much of their efforts in the high-end furniture niche. Dzine Elements’ philosophy is encompassed in the belief that design is a way of life, and our approach to doing business stems heeds efficiency and focus on the customer. Our organization is capable of providing services of different nature to a variety of users with our main goal being to serve the professional community of designers, architects, interior designers, retailers, and European suppliers. Our mission is to become the bridge between European Manufacturers of high-end design furniture and the North American professional community. Our vision is bringing design to life in the North American market, connecting the dots between the supplier and the end users. Our team of experts, each operating in their own field of expertise, will be able to provide the perfect service you require from marketing and strategic plans for manufacturers trying to enter the North American market, to sourcing, importing, delivering and installing the perfect product for a designer or architect. All of this coupled with our outstanding customer service will make the entire process run smoothly and successfully.

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