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Group MRA provides several distinct and critical areas of consulting expertise for our clients’ consolidation and entry strategies in the USA. Group MRA conducts market analyses, which lead to new business opportunities, as well as to recruit top talent that best address the customer’s desired organization on the territory. Group MRA’s long history as a bridge between Italian business and the US market has allowed it to build resilient relationships with public institutions that help to enhance and foster the presence of new and existing US subsidiaries of Italian companies. Periodically, Group MRA offers consulting services and organizational assistance to these institutions, so they can better run and represent their network of Italian subsidiaries.

  • 1 Marketing Analysis and Entry Strategy
  • 2 Executive
  • 3 Mergers &
    Acquisitions Boutique
  • 4 Public

Marketing Analysis And Entry Strategy

Entry: Group MRA’s Consulting Services performs entry analyses to measure the potential success your product may have in the US market. In order to do so, Group MRA allows both consumers and the trade to evaluate the products with in-person interviews, and, from those results, Group MRA designs an entry strategy that optimizes product- related policies and distribution for the market. Our approach will guide you through every step of the development, launch,  marketing, distribution, and sale of your product. Our methodology involves assessment of the potential success of your products by allowing distributors and consumers to evaluate the products in depth until they are fully optimized.

Consolidation: Group MRA can help your company to analyze the profitability of your positioning strategy in the American market by conducting a firsthand evaluation of your brand. With that, Group MRA identifies and solves any problems that may exist throughout the deployment process of your product.

Our direct experience also gives us insight towards evaluating the skills and motivation of your current staff, by conducting personalized one-on-one interviews.

Executive Recruitment

Our experience has taught us that the ability to provide companies with qualified and motivated staff is probably the most critical factor to their success, especially in a competitive market like the U.S. Our long-established experience, our unique database and network of corporate contacts give Group MRA the ability to find the right person for you.

Mergers & Acquisitions Boutique

Since the beginning of Group MRA, we have specialized in targeted consulting projects, aimed at encouraging strategic mergers and acquisitions, both on behalf of Italian companies in the US, and American companies in Italy. We call it our Merger and Acquisition Boutique, because the projects are conducted almost exclusively through our network of personal contacts. This gives us the knowledge and experience to confidently select valid opportunities for your company, and help you capture these opportunities when it is most meaningfully strategic to do so. We can facilitate acquisitions in a variety of industries with products that represent the best of “Made in Italy,” such as food, décor, design, and fashion. We support our clients through the entire process until the conclusion of the transaction.

Public Institutions

Group MRA has been actively working with public institutions whose mission is to  promote Italian business throughout the world, and to support entrepreneurs  who want to compete in these foreign markets.

This collaboration gives Group MRA the opportunity to provide consulting services relating to the American market not only for the institutions themselves but also  for local SMEs as well. Typically, the arrangement provides that SMEs be initially  offered orientation services, plus a variety of specialized services such as  market analysis, regulatory and operational support that encourage the  commercial penetration of exporting companies in the U.S. The collaboration covers a variety of different industries and services, including food, wines and  spirits, decor, and fashion, which are all representative of the most vital traditions of Italian culture.