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Group MRA consists of three synergistic divisions.
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01. Consulting

The Consulting division has the primary function of conducting market analyses for European businesses with a major focus on Italian companies. Our consulting research studies are conceived so that the results can be immediately implemented in the US food market, as well as in other key sectors where “Made ​​in Italy” has a history of success and resonance with customers.

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02. Administration and Logistics

The Administration and Logistics division focuses on the operational management of Italian subsidiaries here in the U.S. and on facilitating the interaction with their parent company overseas. This division offers turnkey support covering all administrative, logistics, and legal areas for a wide array of companies across a vast range of industrial sectors.

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03. Sales

The Marketing and Sales – Specialty Food division encompasses a variety of premium products that have a unique appeal to American consumers and leverage the strength of being sold within a portfolio of products that display strong synergies one with the other. Through our system of area managers, brokers/agents, and brand ambassadors.

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