MRA frequently cooperates with a number of Italian Trade Agencies and other leading regional institutions in research projects aimed at understanding how in the American market products designed to copy their authentic Italian counterparts have reaped tremendous success. In 2006, MRA published its first report on behalf of Italian Trade Commission, and since then has continued its work as part of an ongoing collaboration, which culminated in a definitive report completed in 2014. Each of these innovative studies has allowed us to obtain dynamic research in various product segments by comparing authentic products to “like-items” currently on the shelves of American supermarkets.

Our published reports have shown a clear "window of opportunity" for Italian food businesses that want to gain market share back from these imitations and grow for the future. This is all thanks to the new generation of nearly 40 million “foodies,” who not only pay attention to the origin of the food they eat, but are also interested to try new flavors. To reach this customer base, companies should market their products to specialty food retailers known as “trend setters” who are equally as attentive to the quality and authenticity of their product offerings.

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