• Carlo Alberto Bertozzi
    President and Founder
  • Emilio De Piazza
    Managing Partner
  • Gianluigi Zenti
    Managing Director
  • Luca Bertozzi
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Giovanni Grimaldi
    Director - Management Consulting Division
  • Maria Del Mundo
  • Giorgio Ferrantino
    Chief Executive Officer Dzine Elements
  • Aurora Fini
    Sales Manager Dzine Elements
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Giovanni Grimaldi
Director - Management Consulting Division

Giovanni’s work experience began in 2002 at The European House - Ambrosetti, where he was in charge of the Research Department. Across many food and beverage disciplines, Giovanni has become an expert in authentic Italian products vs. deceptive imitators in the United States. In 2006, Giovanni moved to America, where he furthered his career in consulting projects for Italian companies wishing to enter the U.S. market. He graduated from Bocconi University in Milan in 2001 and majored in Social and Economic Disciplines.

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